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HAPPY EARTH DAY! Here's one simple step -- signing our Pollinator Safe Pledge -- you can take to protect the health of pollinators and the ecosystems on which they depend.

And remember, make sure you're buying untreated / neonic-free seeds when you plant this spring! Neonics, also known as the bee-killing pesticide, are systemic and water soluble. This means they're in every part of the plant -- including the leaves, seeds, nectar, and pollen -- vital food sources for birds, insects, and mammals. And they're water soluble, meaning they can end up leaching into the soil decreasing populations of beneficial worms and other important organisms, including insect predators, making plants more vulnerable to pest infestations.

Take the Pollinator Safe Pledge today!

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Presenting the winner of our Pollinator License Plate Design Contest, submitted by Denver local, Alain Suel. Congratulations Alain and thank you for this gorgeous design concept, which simply and beautifully encapsulates the importance of protecting native pollinators and habitat in Colorado! Alain featured the Hunts Bumblebee and the beautiful Blanket Flower -- both native to Colorado. While final color-scheme and design may change, this concept will become the special new Colorado pollinator license plate, pursuant to adoption by the State Legislature. If the bill passes, we expect plates to be available next year so we'll be sure to keep you posted! Thanks to the nearly 50 artists who submitted designs. There were many beautiful submissions and we appreciate the time and effort you made to participate! And a special thanks to Ray Story, Classrooms for Climate Action and Tiffany Boyd, Louisville Elementary 2nd graders, and First Gentleman Marlon Reis for participating in our Contest Reveal Webinar event today! Thanks also to Representative Cathy Kipp, Representative Matt Soper, Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis Colorado Senate District 17, and Cleave Simpson Colorado State Senator District 35 for sponsoring the bill! Thanks again to all and congrats again to Alain! ...

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4 weeks ago

Ron Zhang

I'm currently in the middle of the design process on the CO pollinator license plate artwork. I still need to dial in the color values and work thru some details. But would love to get your feedback on the work-in-progress. I'm using a colorado native hummingbird as part of the logo but it feels like I need to include more elements. For the biodiversity to work perfectly, we need more insets such as butterflies and honey bees, but once I started to add more stuff, the logo started to get busy real quick. I'm taking a risk by posting this early before the contest closes, but at the same time I would love any suggestions and feedback because I'm a big believer that a good design is always iterative, I have few more days to refine before 3/31 deadline. Thank you! ...

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