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Timeline PhotosThe Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants Conference is brought to you by a coalition of partner organizations: Butterfly Pavilion, Colorado State University Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, CSU Denver Extension, Colorado Native Plant Master Program®, Colorado Native Plant Society, Denver Botanic Gardens, Front Range Wild Ones, High Plains Environmental Center, and Susan J Tweit, author.

The Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants Conference promotes the inclusion of native plants in our landscaping to benefit pollinators and songbirds, save water, and restore the beauty and health of nature in the places we live, work and play.

While we recommend the use of straight species and local ecotypes wherever possible, we support the use of varieties and cultivars of native species as long as their breeding doesn’t interfere with their ability to function in nature and maintain key relationships with pollinators and other lives.

Learn More at landscapingwithcoloradonativeplants.wordpress.com.

#landscaping #horticulture #botany #gardening #nativespecies #droughttolerant #waterconservation #habitat #pollinators #botanicgardens #colorado

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Do you manage parks or landscapes or assist with your city or campus Bee City USA program? There is still time to register for our January 19 webinar, “Pesticides & Pollinators in the Landscape: Understanding the Risks, Choosing Solutions.”

Sign up at xerces.org/events/webinars.

Oregon Department of Agriculture has approved recertification credits for certified applicators attending this webinar.

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1 week ago

Idelle Fisher

For all you fellow bird lovers, I thought I'd share this was a genius way to safely scare off woodpeckers from damaging homes. Thought I'd share here – awhile back, I saw someone post that they put up a fake lizard/alligator toy near the damage on their house to scare off woodpeckers where they were damaging the structure, they said it worked like a charm and the birds stopped damaging the area! GENIUS! Not sure if it would work, but couldn't hurt! And, it makes a great conversation piece. 🙂

I made this "fake" image in photoshop to show what I mean, I couldn't find the original post.

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