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Thanks to our volunteers for hosting PPAN tables at multiple events today and over the weekend!

BeeChicas Founder and PPAN partner, Theresa Beck, engaged community members of all ages at the Lucky's Market North Boulder Volunteer Fair on Saturday. It was a beautiful Earth Day weekend and PPAN is thankful for the opportunity to promote our work alongside Growing Gardens and Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, among others. If you missed it and want to sign up for PPAN volunteer opportunities, you can still do so on our website: peopleandpollinators.org/.

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Come visit us at the Longmont Museum today 10-3. Sustainable Resilient Longmont Earth Day Celebration. ...

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4 weeks ago

People and Pollinators Action Network

What to help a university study gather important information to help our bumblebees? Learn how to identify bumblebee nests and report your sightings. The nests can be hard to find, so it's challenging and fun!Researchers at York University are recruiting members from across North America for a very important mission.

You will need to be vigilant, always observing. This subject is elusive.

Determination, a sharp eye, and a smartphone will be your greatest assets.

The mission, should you choose to accept it: find and submit sightings of bumble bee nests.


(Photo: Victoria MacPhail)

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This incredible short video shows the crucial role that invertebrates and other critters play in the formation of living and fertile soil - the foundation of all life.Bioturbation is the mixing of (plant) residues into soils and sediments by biotic activity. It is one of the fundamental processes in ecology, as it stimulat... ...

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