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The People and Pollinators Action Network is mobilizing communities in Colorado to take positive action for pollinators. Formed in response to the 2014 sunset of the . . . , People and Pollinators is taking on the big issues, state-wide, that are threatening the health of Colorado pollinators, the sustainability of Colorado agriculture, and the well-being of Colorado communities.

OUR MISSION: People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) is protecting people and pollinators by advancing sustainable agricultural practices, new safeguards for public health, and improvements for our environment across Colorado. We believe that  community awareness and engagement are necessary for the transformation of public policy based on best practice recommendations in the use of chemical pesticides and pollinator habitat management.


The People and Pollinators Action Network organizes action around the belief that the world is a better place when communities are nourished by sustainable agriculture. This belief informs the four categories into which our work falls:

  • Protecting and restoring habitat: People and Pollinators is connecting yards and landscapes to help make Colorado a pollinator haven. We work with landscapes big and small, including Denver International Airport and the Colorado Department of Transportation!
  • Campaigning for healthy environments: People and Pollinators works to change laws and policies that empower Colorado communities to enjoy safe and healthy environments.
  • Collective impact: People and Pollinators is a founding member of the Colorado Pollinator Network and the organizer of the Colorado Pollinator Summit, activating dozens of organizations to collaborate for the benefit of people and pollinators, because the best way to create change is to do it together!
  • Programs that protect people and pollinators: We invest and participate in local action that provides new and necessary protections for pollinators and people.


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Metro Denver PPAN: 39.741111, -104.986967
Longmont Coalition for People and Pollinators: 40.169800, -105.107000
Denver International Airport: 39.770738, -104.795231
West Wash Park Bee Safe Neighborhood: 39.703418, -104.980665
Congress Park Pollinator Highway: 39.729778, -104.959653
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