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Support HB 21-xxxx: Colorado Pollinator License Plate

A beautiful, new Colorado Pollinator License Plate would support programs that protect pollinators, create habitat and celebrate the indispensable role that they play in sustaining our agricultural and natural ecosystems. Pollinators are key to the health of productive landscapes and agriculture, and in sustaining our way of life and the natural ecology that makes our one-of-a-kind state so beautiful.

How Can a License Plate Help Pollinators?

  • There are many Coloradoans that share a concern for pollinators and will have an interest in sharing this commitment publicly by displaying a plate and showing their commitment to pollinator protection.
  • The purchase of a Pollinator Plate and related donation to support pollinator protection efforts, is a tangible way for vehicle owners to show support, increase awareness and provide funding for pollinator conservation.  
  • Proceeds for the sale of the special license plate would be dedicated to vital pollinator conservation programs across Colorado. The designated recipient of donations would be a Colorado based nonprofit organization that would use the donation to support pollinator habitat restoration and creation, pollinator education and the administration of the license plate program.

License Plate Bill Process

  • Over 3,400 Colorado registered vehicle owners have indicated their support for the creation of a new license plate by signing a petition that is a required part of the special license plate application process.
  • There will be no cost to the state for the creation of this special plate and no fiscal note attached to this bill.
  • The plate design will be selected via a design contest being facilitated by People and Pollinators Action Network open to all Colorado residents and submitted to the DMV.

Please support this process by endorsing the bill here and by reaching out to your Colorado legislators to let them know that you would like to see a new Pollinator License Plate created!

For more information contact:
Joyce Kennedy joyce@peopleandpollinators.org 860.707.5765
Meghan Raynes meghan@sigelpa.com 303.898.1716
or Becky@siegelpa.com 970.389.2719